New Product Development

We undertake research, design, develop, prototype, manufacture and distribute new innovative products to suit the client/market requirements.

Process Intensification

We have a team of world-class chemical engineers, with a track record of assisting fortune companies, dedicated to solve industrial issues especially in the domain of process intensification.

Technology Consultation

We offer B2B technology consultations and innovation advices to clients seeking assistance for product/process cost-management and/or disruptive advancements.


Sample Batch Production Facility for New Products

Our in-house & member/partner production capabilities offer a scope for developing and sample-batching new products in the desired target regions, thus reducing the costs significantly to our clients in developing (R&D), product testing and sample market testing any new product, which otherwise requires significant OpEx.

Our R&I capabilities

Our Research and Innovation laboratories are well equipped with the most advanced tools while our member scientists come from a wide spread domains of expertise. We are connected to more than 2000 member entities in SE Asia that empowers our production capabilities to a higher scalability levels as per the client requirements.


Get Engaged

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