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The Next Gen Inventors

The Phi Factory is a multidimensional innovation platform !

Our core focus is to develop advanced and affordable technologies for application at SMEs. We also administer the production and supply of goods developed using our technologies at our partner SMEs. We operate as technology providers (TaaS) and as Aggregators of products that are manufactured using our technology.




GFP - Kraft Paper Additive

GFP™ is our proprietary chemical formulation used while manufacturing Kraft paper for packaging applications. GFP™ improves the quality of paper significantly and contributes to the grammage optimization in paper based packaging. This makes the corrugated boxes LIGHTER, STRONGER & CHEAPER !

STATUS: Acquired

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CorruBond - BCT improving Glue

CorruBond™ is a corrugated-box TopLoad improving adhesive. When used as a glue between the layers in corrugation, CorruBond™ significantly improves the box compression load values. Strengthening Adhesive for Corrugators, can be balanced with grammage optimisation.

STATUS: Acquired

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Project VayuPutra

To support the COVID-19 patients who are under the home isolation, with emergency Oxygen supply at a low capital expenditure. As the cases of COVID-19 patients are on the rise in the country, there is a severe shortfall of per capita medical-oxygen supply & medical attention.

STATUS: Free-Sourced

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