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We are among the firsts in the world to adopt block-chain based agile methodology in innovation management though-out the phases of a new product development.

Our principal objective is to produce new and affordable technologies. We also do technology consultations to selected few client companies. Our expertise is in new product development, low-cost innovations and industrial process intensification.

Our in-house & member/partner production capabilities offer a scope for developing and sample-batching new products in the desired target regions, thus reducing the costs significantly to our clients in developing (R&D), product testing and sample market testing any new product, which otherwise requires significant OpEx.

Our Research and Innovation laboratories are well equipped with the most advanced tools while our member scientists come from a wide spread domains of expertise. We are connected to more than 2000 member entities in SE Asia that offers highly scalable production capabilities, as per the client requirements, in the desired markets.

We use a highly sophisticated software in all our arrangements, providing an unprecedented transparency in the innovation management domain.

Co-Founder & CEO : Meghana Reddy Jale

Dr. Meghana demonstrated exemplary innovation skills in developing one of the world's first 'non-invasive internal fixation device' that is currently undergoing further development in accordance to the statutory regulations.

After completing her bachelors in medicine & surgery with a gold medal, Dr. Meghana continued developing various technologies that were successfully commercialised in collaborations with several multi-national companies.

Dr. Meghana currently serves The Phi Factory as the CEO, managing operations, strategic collaborations and partnerships.

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Co-Founder & Partner : Praveen Kumar Gorakavi

Praveen Kumar Gorakavi (born May 24, 1989) is an Indian Scientist, Chemical Engineer, Inventor and consultant, recognized as a polymath and former child prodigy for his works in a spectrum of fields of Science and Engineering since childhood.

Gorakavi's innovations span multiple scientific fields. He has developed a low-cost artificial limb, products for water purification, food storage, biofuel synthesis, low-cost mechanical brailler and propellant from paraffin.

Praveen's contribution to S&T, especially in developing low-cost innovations were well received by the markets across various domains. Several prestigious scientific & industrial organisations, governments, social organisations have recognized Praveen bestowing awards.

more details at www.gorakavi.com

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