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Composite additive for the low weight paperboard in packaging

GFP™ is a chemical technology for application in the paper industries (biodegradable cross-linking polymer; bio-sourced; similar to starch and cellulose in nature). Specially designed to be used in manufacturing Kraft paper for packaging applications.

GFP™ improves the quality of paper significantly and contributes to the optimisation of paper based packaging ie., even with lesser amount of wood-fibres, the paper can demonstrate superior strength & barrier properties.

The key benefits to our clients upon upgrading to GFP™:

(i) Reduction in the weight of a corrugated box by ~20%. This indicates significant savings on the cargo-expenses. Also assists in de-complicating the packaging (especially in the case of e-commerce & FMCG clients)

(ii) Reduction in the cost of a corrugated box by ‘at least’ 9% (with few clients reporting a feedback of over 40% cost reduction)

(iii) Reduction in the consumption of wood-fibres needed to make the paper by over 30%.

This is an Environmentally Sustainable Technology, contributing to a net saving of 3 well grown trees for every 1T of paper produced. 

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GFP™ readily fits into a paper manufacturing unit, WITHOUT ANY modification to the existing production line. This upgradation to GFP™ graded Kraft paper based packaging does NOT require any changes to the existing supply-chain system of client companies.

Thus, GFP™ is the First Green Technology in the world that is also Cost-Effective. We make the corrugated boxes Lighter, Stronger & Cheaper.

This way we are favourites to packaging & procurement departments of our clients ! 

Raw Material & Chemical Treatment Vendors

We have 91 vendors to supply various raw ingredients used in GFP, to meet production capacity of 50 KT pa of GFP. We have 8 chemical treatment plants across South India to process these raw materials for the production of our carefully engineered GFP material.

Kraft Paper Mills

We have partnered with 16 papermills in South & West India, that will produce G-FP graded Paper using our G-FP material. we have a total production capacity of 0.5MMT pa of GFP graded paper.

Corrugation Partners

We have partnered with 22 Corrugator Partners to produce nearly 100Million boxes a year. and our capacity is growing ...