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               Composite additive for the low weight paperboard in packaging

G-FP is most advanced fillers used for lowering the weight without compromising physical characteristics in paper making. 

Advantages in Numbers

Cost of G-FP TM is 8-10% cheaper than virgin pulp.

35% W/W blend of G-FP TM with fibres,

~20% reduction in overall weight.

~21% reduction in Cargo expenses

Environmentally Sustainable


Suitable Paperboard grades


Folding boxboard

White lined chipboard (WLC)

Solid bleached board (SBS)

Solid unbleached board (SUS)



Corrugating medium

Special boards

Replacement of Fibres - Advantages in Grammage

Flute Grammage before G-FP         Revised Grammage with G-FP

• 90 GSM - 460 GSM                                             • 71 GSM - 365 GSM

Waste Based Fluting


• 105 GSM - 590 GSM                                           • 82 GSM - 465 GSM

Semi-Chemical Fluting



The G-FP is a three-material composite filler developed to create a low density paperboard and fluted paper, without compromising the thermo-mechanical property requirements of the industries. G-FP TM is currently being used by several packaging industries, while its potential extension applications with other paper combinations are being industrially tested.

G-FP, when fed into the paper manufacturing machine along with the raw/recycled-pulp, creates fine microporous paperboard comparable to as microlevel laminated honeycomb structural flute. Similar to the micro sieves produced by weaving the paper fibres while suspended in G-FP .

Raw Material & Chemical Treatment Vendors

We have 91 vendors to supply various raw ingredients used in GFP, to meet production capacity of 50 KT pa of GFP. We have 8 chemical treatment plants across South India to process these raw materials for the production of our carefully engineered GFP material.

Kraft Paper Mills

We have partnered with 16 papermills in South & West India, that will produce G-FP graded Paper using our G-FP material. we have a total production capacity of 0.5MMT pa of GFP graded paper.

Corrugation Partners

We have partnered with 22 Corrugator Partners to produce nearly 100Million boxes a year. and our capacity is growing ...